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Thank you for visiting Elsie’s Corner! I am so happy to be sharing this blog with my co-creator, partner, and “little cousin” Anthony. My collaboration with Anthony started when he was just a 9 year old tyke who couldn’t seem to get a basketball out of his hand. At that time, I arranged for (my then friend…now wonderful husband, to give him) some private basketball instruction. Holiday gatherings after that were spent keeping up with Anthony’s many successes on the basketball court. That is, until he became a teacher (like myself), and our discussions began to include successes in the classroom.

When I think about my career as a teacher, I can’t help but to recall my first education class in college. Upon entering the room, the professor uttered, “An essential prerequisite to a career in education is an inborn need to be creative.” Without a moment’s hesitation, I thought “Sign me up….major declared!”

I love what I do, and can’t think of a better way to spend 10 months a year (yes, who can deny the beauty of summer vacation?!) than as a classroom teacher!

I began my career (in 1995, yikes!!) as a middle school English teacher, and transitioned over to elementary school in 2005. For the past 20 years, I have seen political agendas, statewide standards, and educational fads come and go. But, throughout it all, my teaching mantra has remained the same… “Combine academic rigor, with some major creativity, and a tad of entertaining antics, and you have a winning combination!”

And while on the topic of “entertaining antics”… I have two beautiful daughters who I love spending time with, along with my amazing lifelong friend/basketball coach/firefighter husband.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at ElsiesCorner101@gmail.com!

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