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I came across the concept of LapBooks last year when I was searching for a new and creative way for my students to do their book reports. After a quick search on Teachers Pay Teachers, I stumbled across a book report LapBook by SunnyDaze and I was immediately sold! Kuddos to SunnyDaze for creating a unique and innovative alternative to the traditional book report.
Sunny DAze Lapbook
Lapbooks are a great way to display any project, topic, or unit of study. They are chock full of academic content yet allow for tons of clever creativity. Students love folding, gluing, drawing, and coloring their way through their Lapbooks. Getting to spatially design their finished product is an added bonus too (after all, who doesn’t love to play architect!!) This hands-on approach to learning is enough to get even your most reluctant students motivated.

With today’s rigorous standards, our school culture has become “All Work, No Play!” That’s a pretty deadly combination for anyone (especially kids). LapBooks automatically put the fun and engagement back into education. And as far as the completed product? Students will have a tangible creation that they will treasure for years to come.

Teachers, students, and parents love the practicality of Lapbooks too!

• You can’t beat their price. For approximately $14, you can purchase a box of 150 file folders. That’s just about 10 cents per LapBook!

• Lapbooks put an end to the awkward travel associated with cumbersome poster boards. Instead, they fold and fit neatly into a student’s backpack for easy transport.

• Teachers no longer need to clutter their classrooms with mammoth like projects. LapBooks have lots of workable space and allow for easy and space efficient display around the classroom.

My students loved working with LapBooks so much that I was inspired to create a collection of my own.

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Elsie’s Book Report Lapbook:

This modern approach to a book report is super cool! My students loved it! They need to complete all of the essential components of a book report but experience a much greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when their LapBook is complete.

This Book Report LapBook requires students to:
• identify all the major characters in the book
• highlight vocabulary words with definitions and sentences
• summarize the beginning, middle, and end of the story
• rate the book on a 4-star basis
• write about their favorite part
• identify the conflict, setting, and theme
• illustrate the main character
• provide a written description of the main character
• create a cover which identifies the book title, author, genre, and their name
• color in templates to turn their LapBook into an adorable bookworm



Elsie’s Time Capsule Lapbook:

This Time Capsule can be used at any point in the school year. The project directly shows the growth and maturity of the student over a given amount of time. In the future, when students open their completed Time Capsules, they will get a kick out of their younger selves.

This Time Capsule LapBook requires students to:
• make predictions about their future life (marriage, kids, pets, living location, financial status, career, vehicle choice)
• identify their “favorites” and “likes” (sports team, song, music group, food, movie, school subject, color, candy, and sport to play)
• identify their teachers (thus far) and report on their favorite
• write a letter to their future self
• write about their favorite school memory
• identify and write about their best friend
• include a picture of themselves
• identify the month/year the Time Capsule was constructed
• identify the month/year the Time Capsule is to be opened


Elsie’s Animal Lapbook:

Consider the following quote by Anatole France:
“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
Since I am an animal lover myself (check out my cute little puppy, Winston), I decided to create this Animal LapBook so that the students could educate themselves about their favorite animal with something other than the typical Report of Information. Simply, show your kiddos a completed (model) Animal LapBook at the onset of this project and believe me they will be motivated to research their animal (yes, this Animal LapBook’s cuteness is that powerful). Best yet, your kiddos will emerge from their completed Animal LapBook as animal experts.

This Animal LapBook requires students to:
• answer a variety of questions about the animal’s anatomy
• identify the parts of the world the animal lives in
• identify and describe the ecosystem where the animal lives
• identify survival adaptations of the animal
• identify the animal’s scientific name
• identify the reason(s) why they chose to research the animal they did
• identify and define difficult words they came across in their research
• identify foods the animal eats
• identify the animal’s predators
• identify interesting facts about the animal they researched
• construct a lapbook cover by using one of our 18 templates.



LapBooks…where education and engagement meet!

I’ll teach to that!

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